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The TOP 7 Mistakes Horse Owners Make
Mistake #7 – Assuming You Can Get On Any Horse And Simply Ride Not all horses are the same. Some you can get on and easily ride. Some are so green that you could be easily injured if you have little or no riding experience. The ones easy to...
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Fly Ball Fan Runs Afoul of Cubs' Alou In Left Field

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How can a fan go from ecstasy to sheer agony in a split second?

It's not just when your Cubs give up 8 runs in the eighth inning to give the Florida Marlins an 8-3 lead - it's when you're the one that silences a roaring crowd and opens the door for a Marlins comeback.

Can you imagine how The Fan felt as the ball was coming his way? Here were his historic Cubbies, knocking on the door of their first pennant in years. They were up three runs to none in the 8th and the fans at Wrigley field were whipped into an ecstatic frenzy by the prospect that their team - their Chicago Cubs were five outs away from the 2003 World Series.

Can you imagine how The Fan felt as he was surrounded by thousands of other Cubs fans? He was present for a history making game. It would be something he could tell his kids and grandkids. Then Luis Castillo smacked the ball into left field just where The Fan was seated in the front row.

Can you imagine the surrounding hysteria as the ball came toward his seat? He stood screaming for his Cubs along with dozens of other front row fans - he reached out and tried to catch the foul fly ball. He and his neighbors tried - and he and a couple other them got their hands on it. But Cubs left-fielder Moises Alou didn't.

Can you imagine how it felt in those split seconds when the exhilaration of catching a Marlins foul flyball smashed into the reality that your hands deflected the glove of Cubs left fielder Moises Alou?

In that moment - was it surreal?

Was it terrifying?

What was it like to be jolted back to a reality that had millions of Cub fans looking at you as the cause of the debacle?

Terror? How about fear that fans in the stands were going to be hurling more than insults and threats.

Can you imagine how it felt to have your face on the TV playbacks?

Can you imagine how it felt to play a part in taking a couple million people from euphoria to disbelief?

The Marlins went on to hit in 8 runs in the 8th inning.

Can you imagine how The Fan felt every time a runner crossed home plate for the Marlins? With every runner crossing home plate - all eyes in Wrigley and all eyes watching at home wanted to watch The Fan.

Can you imagine how The Fan felt when security tried to convince him to leave early?

Can you imagine how The Fan felt as he finally relented and walked, surrounded by security guards - with his head and face covered - into a secured area of the stadium?

Can you imagine The Fan walking back to the car - afraid for his life?

Can you imagine The Fan riding on the train - terrified that he might be recognized?

Can you imagine the dread of having to go back to face your co-workers in the morning?

God Bless you and keep you safe - knuckleheaded Cubs Fan...

You don't deserve the wrath that you fear.

Your own fears are punishment enough.

C.S. Deam is a small business owner. His eBook Leverage Yourself Out of the Rat Race is available for immediate download at www.LinkertonPublishing.com where you can sign up for FREE E-Courses & Newsletters to help you on your path to self-employment.


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The TOP 7 Mistakes Horse Owners Make

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