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fantasy football tips - part 2

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Waiver Scavenger

Since itís impossible to predict 100% what will happen in a given fantasy football season, itís also impossible to conduct a pre-season fantasy draft that will reflect 100% of what the upcoming NFL season has in store. What this means is that there will always be a large list of solid fantasy producers who are left on the draft board each year and who will be available on the Waiver Wire.

Don't overlook the strategy. Player projections can be suspect at best (you can't totally discount them, however), and sometimes having good football instincts, or maybe the proverbial "ear to the ground" can allow you to pluck the next superstar off the waiver wire.

Keep a close watch early in the season on names you've never heard from, or names you haven't heard from in a while. Anyone remember the first time anyone noticed Kurt Warner? Well, I just so happened to have needed a QB bad that year, and I rode this unknown to a chamionship!

This is the exact info that a lot of fantasy vets pay close attention to-- and the reason fantasy information subscriptions sell so well. Remember, the season is long, and you must look for your edge any and every where.

Draft Day Souvenirs

Just in case you're not confused enough heading into your fantasy football draft, I'll gonna give up some nuggets designed to dumbfound you a little more!!!

Some words of fantasy football wisdom:

Last year's disappointments make great sleepers - do I smell late round pick-up?
Player projections are only a reference point - don't get too wrapped up in numbers...sometimes your gut has something to say as well
A receiver is only as good as his QB - Chris Chambers anyone? Football is a team game, don't forget that.
If an aging player has been a disappointment, chances are he'll continue to be - don't get caught up in "comeback player" hype. Let someone else take the chance.
Don't worry about Defenses and Kickers until late - these two entities are unpredictable, and you'll always have quality left at the end.
Remember, you score points with defense - a lot of fantasy football players forget this. They want the stingiest defense, but in most fantasy scoring formats, you get rewarded for turnovers, sacks, and defensive touchdowns. A good example would be the Dolphins of two years ago- one of the toughest D's in the league, but not good from a fantasy scoring perspective.

Double Dipping

There's good news and bad news to report today on the concept of double dipping. Double dipping is the strategy of using two players from the same team (QB/RB, QB/WR, etc.) as starters for the same week.

This has the potential to be both good and bad. The good is that the QB has a great day, and finds your guy for two scores. The bad can obviously be that neither does squat. Another bad scenario is that one of your guys does good, but not the other one.

Remember that there are only so many balls to go around during the course of the game. If your team has a high-powered offense, and a non-existant defense, then by all means play all the guys you can. But beware, it's not usually the slam dunk it seems to be!

If you pick two players from the same team, be cautious. If one of them has a bad day at the office, chances are you didn't start his replacement who could've helped you win.
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