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Camping With Man's Best Friend
Man's Best Friend Man's best friend your dog , and you, can go camping and have lots of fun. Look at it as a walk that doesn't end, during which he gets to spend all his time with you. For us campers, it can give us another means of...
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golf driving tip - build a better long game!

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The 80% swing

Believe it or not, you can get better distance from your drives if you don't swing with full force! Try swinging at about 80% of your capacity, or another way to think about it is to swing with the force of a 7-iron.

Your body will tense up when you try to overswing. Also, because of the extra effort, your body is more likely to be pulled out of position. This makes it impossible to complete a consistent swing.

Reaching back for extra power

The key for every golfer is getting that extra power, without sacrificing accuracy. It is the "holy grail" of golf. We've got a few things to think about that just might give you a few more yards.

Widen your swing arc- when going for extra power, make your swing arc as wide as possible. Reach with your arms fully extended as you begin your backswing. This move, used by most of the heavy hitters in the pros, enables you to gain extra velocity and swing speed without having to manipulate your body movements any.

Return your elbow- concentrate on moving your trailside elbow down, back into a connected position with your trailside hip. This keeps your elbow from flying out, and produces that inside-out swing path that maximizes power.

Big shoulders- make a full shoulder turn for extra power. Your shoulders should rotate more than your hips, creating a "coiling up" of the torso. In addition, your shoulders should start releasing before your hips do, keeping that stored energy as long as possible.

Grip it and rip it

John Daly says it best. But there's a lot of wisdom in that little phrase, as well.

During your pre-shot routine, visualize your shot, take notice of trouble areas, map out where you want to be on the golf course. Align your body to best complete the shot you want. Then, forget everything!

Too often, we can't get that lake out of our head. It's still present in our minds as we make the swing. And then-guess what?- we swing and "plop", into the lake we go!

Trust your decision making process (however flawed it may be!), and swing with a blank mind. You'll find more of your shots going where you intended. Rob Moore operates HI-WAYgolf.com , home of golf tips and golf equipment reviews to help Break 100 Now!


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