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"How To Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy - Playtime for Kitty"
While dogs tend to get lots of exercise, cats are often left to their own devices, having to find their own ways of exercising if they are kept indoors. Cats have gone from working animals to creatures of leisure. In the past, a cat spent most of...
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Enjoy pets together

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Nothing brings us closer to our kids than sharing and caring for the belovedfamily pet. And whether your kids are crazy for cats, love dogs or are freaky for ferrets, there are magazines that help you enjoy pets even more -- with hysterical photos of pets caught in action, insightful pet-care advice that help your children learn responsibility and unusual, inspiring and just plain funny pet stories you can share.

Enter the fascinating world of cat behavior the leading publication for cat lovers, Cat Fancy is the resource for responsible cat owners. Every issue celebrates cats though heartwarming stories and the great feline photos. Plus, there's always plenty of information about health, behavior, grooming, nutrition and more.

Understanding man's best friend
Learn to interpret your dog's body language, discover the secret tips to train your dog like a pro, keep your dog pest-free and give him the care he needs to be healthy and happy with Dog Fancy. Plus, you'll always find entertaining stories and photos you and your children will love.

And if dogs or cats aren't your preferred pets, you can always check out , Bird Talk, Reptiles Magazine and Ferrets!

Childhood is short. Make the most of it. No matter what your family enjoys, there are magazines out there to bring you closer together. Create memories today that will last a lifetime.

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