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If You Want to Send a Sympathy Gift For the Loss of a Pet, Here Are Some Suggestions

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If a friend of family member has just lost a pet, itís natural to want to send them a sympathy gift. The hard part isnít pulling out your credit card to buy though Ė itís deciding what to send. Itís a sensitive time and you donít want to upset someone whoís close to you. Thatís why weíre here. Weíve been on both sides of this terrible time and can guide you in terms of what to send.

If you have a tight budget, for less than $50 you can get the following items:

- A book that helps the pet owner through their grieving.
- A memorial stone for the backyard, engraved with the petís name, date of birth or a nice poem.
- A figurine of the petís breed is always nice.
- A necklace with a bone or a dog pendant.
- A picture frame and put a picture of the pet in it.

If you have a little more to play with, for under $100 you could get:

- A granite pet marker with the text of your choice.
- A portrait frame urn for a keepsake or cremains.
- A memorial stone with a beautiful saying: ďIf tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, Iíd walk right up to Heaven and bring you Home againĒ

If money is not the issue, and you donít mind going over $100, you might like:

- A Rock Urn. Urns donít necessarily have to hold ashes; this beautiful rock urn that is designed to withstand the weather could hold a favorite toy instead, or whatever your friend would like.
- A River Rock memorial, engravable with 2-4 lines of text. These are just gorgeous and perfect for the garden.
- If you have picture of the pet, consider an artistic rendition (quite realistic) on an ostrich or emu egg. Itís breathtaking, I can assure you.

I hope this has given you some ideas, and that the grieving pet owner in your life enjoys your sympathy gift. To buy any of the products mentioned, please visit our Pet Loss Gifts & Cards page.

About the Author

Tara Pearce is the author and webmaster of http://www.pet-memorials-info.com/pet-loss-gifts.htm

Visit our site for information on pet memorial, pet urns, pet caskets and pet loss sympathy gifts.



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