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Learn to Kayak on the West Coast

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Do you live on or near the West coast? Have you decided to try kayaking and feel you are in need of lessons? Or are you a veteran kayaker looking for a pulse racing adventure trip? Kayakers of all levels will want to check out Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips. Located in Lotus, California they kayak in Sacramento, San Francisco, Monterey and Sierra Nevada mountain areas. They lead kayak trips along the West coast and in other countries such as New Zeeland, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Do you prefer to kayak on rivers or at sea? Either way, Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips will meet your needs. The kayaking school covers river and sea kayaking plus kayaking certification programs. Within each type of kayaking they offer a bevy of different levels. For example, river kayaking lessons consist of three skill levels and a fast track. There are special clinics such as rapid descent, roll classes, safety, and kayak polo.

Do you want to earn kayaking certifications? Do you need to train for a specific kayaking event? They have ample training and certifications available which include: ACA Instructor training, safety/rescue, Eppies Great Race training, and Adventure Race training. The ACA Instructor training covers river and surf kayaking through instructor development workshops. Instructor certification takes two days and the instructor development workshop last three days. The Eppies Great Race training can be completed in either four or six sessions. The Adventure Racing training consists of a one day training session. After which, you will be certified for the paddling portion of the adventure race.

Kayaking is a great way to spend quality time with your children. They offer a family friendly environment specializing in kids kayaking lessons as well. Kayaking for kids is broken down by age group. They offer camps and other family/group activities. The entire family can take part in your kayaking adventure.

Kayaking trips through exotic locations are popular. They present a great list of locations to choose from. The trips can take place on rivers, lakes, and bays. You can pick from whitewater and calm water trips. Why not take a whitewater trip to Costa Rica? You will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the vast rain forests. Vacation photographs from this trip will actually be a hit with your family and neighbors.

Whether you are a novice or skilled kayaker, Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips has a program that will benefit your kayaking skills. The clinics and trips are fun and add spice to your vacation. If you are considering kayaking on the West coast then be sure to check them out. Further information can be found at http://www.currentadventures.com/
Monica Marty is a kayaking fan and webmaster of http://kayakingisfun.com/


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