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How to Choose a Satellite Provider - Part II

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Choosing a Satellite TV Provider - Part 2

By Gary Davis


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  • Satellite equipment - DirecTV - FREE DISH Network - FREE

  • Satellite Installation - DirecTV - FREE (up to 5 tv's) DISH Network - FREE (up to 4 tv's)

  • Picture Quality - DirecTV - Outstanding DISH Network - Outstanding

  • Pricing - DirecTV Total Choice Package $39.99 per month DISH Network America's Top 60 Package $24.99 per month

  • Programming Quantity - DirecTV offers programming packages up to 250 channels DISH Network has the capacity to offer up to 500 channels

  • Programming Quality - DirecTV has outstanding programming package options with a heavy emphasis on seasonal sports packages.

  • DISH Network also has outstanding programming package options with somewhat less of an emphasis on sports.

  • Customer Care - DirecTV - Outstanding with both online and 800 toll free support. DISH Network - Outstanding with both online and 800 toll free support.


Both DISH Network and DirecTV offer an outstanding television viewing experience.
The picture reception for both is far superior to that of cable tv. DISH Network's
entry level package is cheaper than DirecTV's; but then the Total Choice package comes
with alot more channels. DirecTV is stronger in the area of sports coverage, while
DISH Network places somewhat more of an emphasis on its premium movie packages and
foreign programming options. And both have outstanding customer care, both having
won the prestigious J.D. Power Award in recent years for providing the best overall service among
satellite and cable subscribers.

Our recommendation is that both DirecTV and DISH Network offer a superior television
viewing experience than cable tv. Both are alot cheaper than cable, offer superior picture
quality and free equipment and instalation. Both also offer superior customer care service
compared to local cable providers. If you're a big sports fan and just have to have
that certain premium sports package, then DirecTV is for you; but if you're not a huge sports fan
and cost is an issue, then you might want to go with DISH Network and it's entry level America's Top 60 at
just $24.99 a month. Also, remember that DirecTV will require a one year commitment, whereas
with the DISH Network there is no contract to sign, meaning you can cancel your service at
anytime and not have to pay a penalty.

Whichever satellite provider you choose, you can't go wrong. As a subscriber of the
DISH Network and a sales person that has several years experience in the satellite tv
industry (have sold both DirecTV & DISH Network)I highly recommend that you drop
cable, stop feeding the pig and switch to satellite tv service today. The vastly superior
picture quality alone that DBS satellite technology provides makes it worth the change.
It's like heaven watching tv with no more squiggly lines running across the tv screen!

About the Author

Gary Davis is CEO and Owner of Dish Network Satellite TV and has written extensively on the Satellite TV Industry.


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